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Cheri Speier-Pero

Dr. Cheri Speier-Pero
Interim MSU Supply Chain Management Department Chair
Current Research Topics:

  • Supply chain risk management
  • Supply chain and economic development
  • Supply chain talent management
David Closs
Dr. David Closs

MSU Supply Chain Management
Current Research Topics:

  • Supply chain risk management
  • Supply chain and economic development
  • Supply chain talent management
Adrian Choo

Dr. Adrian Choo
Current Research Topics:

  • Collaboration in Technology Licensing
  • R&D, Innovation and Failures in Manufacturing and Services
  • Learning and Problem Solving in Six Sigma projects
Andreas HoffrichterDr. Andreas Hoffrichter
Current Research Topics:

  • Evaluation of alternative propulsion systems for railway vehicles, including hybrids, discontinuous electrification, hydrogen fuel cells and associated energy supply chain
Brian Jacobs

Dr. Brian Jacobs
Current Research Topics:

  • Impact of poor customer ethics on suppliers
  • Impact of natural disasters on upstream vs. downstream supply chain partners
  • Lean implementation success/failure factors
Mei Li

Dr Mei Li
Current Research Topics:

  • Service Outsourcing Triad
  • Online Reviews
  • Virtual Currency
Carlos Mena

Dr. Carlos Mena
Current Research Topics:

  • Supply chain risk and resilience
  • Supply chain relationship lifecycle
  • Sustainable supply chains
Steven Melnyk

Dr. Steven Melnyk
Current Research Topics:

  • Behavioral issues in supply chain management
  • Certified management systems (e.g., C-TPAT, ISO 9000)
  • Sustainable supply chain management
Anand Nair

Dr. Anand Nair
Current Research Topics:

  • Operations Strategy
  • Managing Supply Networks, Supply Chain Risk Management, Supplier Relationship Management
  • Healthcare Operations
Sriram NarayananDr. Sriram Narayanan
Current Research Topics:

  • Empowering disabled workforce in workplaces, and its impact on productivity
  • Innovations and their impact on firm performance
  • Impact of product changes on quality
  • Drivers and consequences of hospital strategy and integration
  • Managing new product risks in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Dual innovations and firm performance
Carol Prahinski

Dr. Carol Prahinski
Current research topics:

  • Purchasing
  • Negotiations
  • Leadership
Gary Raqatz


Dr Gary Ragatz
Current Reseach topics:

  • Supplier relationship management
  • Suppliers and innovation
  • Supply risk
Claudia Rosales

Dr. Claudia Rosales
Current research topics:

  • Healthcare Supply Chain Management
  • Retail Operations – Impact of product stock outs
  • Risk Management
Tobias SchoenherrDr. Tobias Schoenherr
Current Research Topics:

  • Organizational buyer behavior
  • Social media use in procurement
  • Reshoring
Srinivas Talluri

Dr. Srinivas Talluri
Current Research Topics:

  • Supply Chain Risk
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Buyer-Supplier Relationships
Shawnee Vickery

Dr. Shawnee Vickery
Current Research Topics:

  • Healthcare Management
  • Lean Implementation in healthcare
  • Supply Chain Integration

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