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Operations & Sourcing Management Doctoral Program

Supply chain management is one of the fastest growing fields of management practice and business research. Michigan State University’s Eli Broad Graduate College of Business includes one of the leading supply chain management programs in the world and offers degrees at the undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. levels.  This position is the result of the unique position taken by our Supply Chain Management group – a position that straddles the intersection of theory (with its emphasis on rigor and insight) and practice.  Consequently, we continue to uncover and explore new and emerging issues that are of interest to both researchers and practitioners.  This focus has contributed to our ability to generate research that is timely, interesting, and impactful.

The department offers Ph.D. degrees in both Operations and Sourcing Management (OSM) and Logistics (LOGS). Consistent with the growth and development of this field, the OSM Ph.D. program focuses primarily on educating students principally in empirical analysis for faculty positions in top research universities around the world.  Students can specialize in either operations management or sourcing (purchasing) management with research focusing on empirical analysis, theory development, new product development, sustainability, performance measurement, supply chain design, outsourcing/reshoring, supply management and broader supply chain issues (at both the tactical and strategic levels).

The MSU OSM program is considered one of the elite global programs from the perspective of overall supply chain management with faculty widely recognized for their research and teaching reputations.  Right from the start, students participate actively in research projects with faculty members – projects that often result in publications in the top tier OSM journals.  While the emphasis is primarily on empirical research, students are exposed to a variety of empirical and analytical methodologies – methods that provide them with the right set of skills to undertake rigorous, impactful, and interesting research work in their areas of interest

As the faculty doctoral director for the OSM doctoral program, I will be happy to provide you with any other information that you may need about the program.  However, before contacting me, make sure to first look at the FAQ section – many of your questions will be answered there.  This is a great time to be doctoral student in OSM; Michigan State University is one of the best places to do your doctorate. Come and join us.
Professor Anand Nair

Anand Nair
OSM Doctoral Program Director
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