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Student Placements

R. Wiedmer

An Assistant Professor of Logistics at Arizona State University. His dissertation examined the impact of resource scarcity in buyer-supplier relationships from an international and behavioral perspective.  He graduated from MSU in 2016.

M.D. Voss

An Assistant Professor of Marketing & Supply Chain Management at The University of Central Arkansas and Director of the University of Central Arkansas Center for Cooperative Logistics Education, Advancement, and Research (CLEAR). Doug received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 2006. His research interests include product and service provider choice criteria, supply chain security, and sustainability.

J. Roh

An Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at the Neeley Business School, Texas Christian University. His dissertation focused on structural change in the supply chain management organizations within global firms. He graduated from MSU in 2010.

G. Nyaga

Investigated how firms’ logistics and product launch strategies impact new product market performance under various scenarios. The case study research methodology was used as the basis for simulation model development. His results suggest that logistics strategy does affect inventory and profitability, but not customer service. He graduated from Michigan State in 2005 with a major in Marketing and a minor in Logistics. Gilbert is currently an Assistant Professor at Northeastern University.

T. Goldsby

Investigates Lean Logistics and Six Sigma as they relate to customer service and supply chain integration. Dr. Goldsby also examines the theory and practice of lean and agile supply chain logistics. He is currently a Professor of Logistics at The Ohio State University. He graduated from Michigan State in 1998.


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