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Cheri Speier-Pero

Dr. Cheri Speier-Pero
Interim MSU Supply Chain Management Department Chair
Current Research Topics:

  • IT facilitation of supply chian relationships
  • Enterprise risk and supply chain management
  • Analytics and supply chain management
David Closs

Dr. David Closs
MSU Supply Chain Management
Current Research Topics:

  • Supply chain risk management
  • Supply chain and economic development
  • Supply chain talent management

Dr. Yemisi Bolumole
Current Resarch Topics:

  • Enabling 3PL Innovation in Non-traditional Outsourcing Initiatives
  • Loyalty Effects of Organizational Identification in Logistics On-site Representatives
  • Organizational Memory: Mitigating risks of Capability loss through Outsourcing
Stan Griffis

Dr. Stan Griffis
Current Research Topics:

  • Creating value through SC Operations in the customer’s eyes
  • Assessing the impact of SC risk on vehicle routes
  • Assessing the impact to store-inventories when customers return product to stores after ordering online
Jason Miller

Dr. Jason Miller
Current Resarch Topics:

  • Safety of large motor carrier operations
  • Applied statistician providing support for several research teams
Simone Peinkofer

Dr. Simone Pinekofer
Current Resarch Topics:

  • Omni-channel retailing
  • Drop-shipping
Matt Schwieterman

Dr. Matt Schwieterman
Current Research Topics

  • The impact of shipping speed on returns
  • How 3PL firms utilize innovation and market expansion to grow
  • The relationship between order variety and order fulfillment service quality
Judy Whipple

Judith M. Whipple
Current Research Topics

  • Organization design considerations for supply chain management
  • Internal and external supply chain integration and collaboration
  • Client-3PL relationship management and performance measurement

Dr. Hakan Yiuldiz
Current Research Topics:

  • Logistics optimization in services
  • Supply Chain networks and risk management
  • Liquefied natural gas distribution planning via ocean going vessels

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