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“My favorite experiences at General Motors were all the facility tours. I was always very appreciative of the opportunity to intern at GM, but the tours helped me realize the tremendous growth and innovation taking place at GM. There is so much opportunity at GM that allows you to constantly challenge yourself and grow as an individual.”


“The most valuable thing that I have learned working with GLWAS is how integral each part of the warehouse process to the overall success of the whole. My favorite experience during this internship has had to be the day-to-day knowledge I gain from those around me. Their experience offers a side of the picture that data, alone, could not paint.”


“I have learned about the sourcing process for purchasing interior components.”






“Since it is my first internship, I have been able to learn and grow a lot as a young professional. I have been working on value stream mapping the procurement process, so not only have I learned in detail the steps and responsibilities of the procurement role, but also understanding what steps are value added and non-value added.”




“I have a better understanding of integrated supply chain and what it takes to run such a large company. I have learned a lot about SAP and other data storage programs, which will be helpful in the future. My favorite experience has been getting to know the other interns and being able to make lifelong networks.”




“I’ve learned the ins and outs of the operations side of the business, including inventory/ logistical software, negotiation tactics, employee management, and process improvement/standardization methods.”





“I have learned all of the behind-the-scenes complexities of the automotive industry and the importance of supplier relationships.”




“The company is in the middle of a Lean transformation, so I have been able to experience all of the work that goes into training employees, standardizing processes, and initiating pull systems into the manufacturing sites. It’s not an easy process, but it is exciting to see results and find areas where new improvements can be made.”


“Some of the things I learned at the internship that couldn’t be learned in a classroom include how to make connections with people quickly in order to develop a good relationship with the client and how to manage a project and its deadlines when I depend on the work of others to complete it.”


“I have learned a great deal about the transportation industry and what it is like to work in a fast-paced, growing company environment. My favorite intern experience so far is being able to do meaningful work for AFN and being treated as a team member rather than just an intern.”




“From this internship so far, I have learned how important a client-customer relationship is. I knew how important customer service is, but I never realized how much further it can go. Some very successful carrier sales employees around me have developed friendships with many of their carriers and get in contact with them to talk to them about more than just business. These relationships have developed into a lot of success because of the level of trust and loyalty.”


“I have developed an appreciation for the amount of effort that goes into implementing lean principles in an organization, as well as the powerful and positive impact that they can yield. I have developed an appreciation for how critical it is to build standard processes and metric keeping, to track progress and accomplishments towards overall improvements.”



“I have learned several new strategies for working with suppliers, and many different ways to gather information that isn’t visible at the surface.”





“Teamwork is key when working at such a large corporation as General Motors. I worked with people from different functions daily, learning how to communicate effectively and work efficiently with a diverse group of people.”




“I have learned about the customer perspective of SCM and how companies need to use their supply chain to service their customers and build strong relationships. My favorite thing so far has been the experience of the culture at Cisco. The people are extremely friendly and willing to stop at a moment’s notice to help with anything I am working on.”


“As an intern in Dow Microbial Control, I have learned of the large scope of products our business provides across many industries and where my projects will provide long-term value.”






“I learned that our worldwide industry frontrunners need to lead the push for environmental sustainability. Also, there is a lot of value created by working in diverse, cross-functional teams. My favorite experience was taking the corporate jet down to visit Dow’s massive plant in Freeport, Texas. ”




“My favorite experience so far has been going behind the scenes for a YouTube video shoot. My project consists of creating a cost strategy for non-broadcast videos, which are becoming a big part of the marketing landscape. Stepping onto the set was like getting a little taste of Hollywood right here in Metro Detroit. Also, going to the shoot allowed to gain a better understanding of what the cost drivers are behind the purchase, which is crucial.”





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