MS in Supply Chain Management

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MSSCM) degree is a unique graduate program providing specific deeper knowledge of supply chain practices and technologies in a structure that it allows it to be completed while students are working full time.

Firms are interested in individuals who have sound business skills, decision-making capabilities and a solid understanding of the latest technology applications. They are also looking for leaders who have the confidence and capability to bring new ideas to the search for enhanced organizational performance. Individuals are returning to universities to acquire these skill sets and technological competencies to improve their ability to contribute to their organization and enhance their professional value.

The MSSCM program augments a student’s understanding regarding the role of supply chain management in enterprise strategy. It introduces students to current SCM operating practices, analysis methods, technology applications and strategy development. It incorporates a rigorous cross-functional blend of courses focusing on the relationship of supply chain management to information technology and innovation processes.