Logistics Doctoral Program

The Department of Supply Chain Management offers a Ph.D. concentration in Logistics. Our program focuses on preparing students for academic positions at top-tier research universities. As such, we are interested in prospective students who desire to become highly recognized scholars in the field of logistics and supply chain management. Our logistics doctoral program is a small, but elite, program focusing on theory and research that advances the supply chain logistics discipline. Students work closely with faculty from the onset of their program to ensure the best preparation for academic life – including working on research projects that eventually lead to publications in top-tier academic journals. The program links the traditional areas of logistics research and development with faculty expertise in the areas of demand management and forecasting, logistics operations and modeling, logistics strategy, and relationship management. Both empirical and analytical methods are examined in the program to provide students with the skill sets necessary to succeed in their chosen stream of research.

As faculty director of the logistics program, I am happy to answer any questions you have about the program, a career in academia, and/or the application process. Please review the other materials provided through this website (especially the FAQ), and contact me if I can be of assistance.


Patricia J. Daugherty
Logistics Doctoral Program Director