Supply Chain Management Council

The Corporate and Student Relations Office coordinates the MSU Supply Chain Management Council– a group of companies that provide financial and other support to the SCM Program. The SCM Council consists of representatives from these firms and faculty members from the Department of Supply Chain Management. SCM Council members participate in the SCM Program by providing advice and counsel to the SCM students and faculty. Members receive benefits from this association through affiliation with one of the premier Supply Chain Management programs in the country by networking with students as potential employees, being a recipient of new ideas from ongoing faculty research and participating in the SCM meetings and in discussions of topics of mutual interest.


Over time, changing needs of Council members have resulted in the SCM Program Office offering varied services to meet those needs. As a result, a partial list of topics currently being addressed is:

  • Development of Supply Chain Management Technology and Information Technology
  • Development of Leading Edge Supply Chain Processes
  • Building Effective Internship/Co-op Programs
  • Development of Leading Edge Supply Chain Processes
  • Development of Effective Recruiting Practices
  • Developing Candidate Leadership Ability, Career Readiness and Job Search Skills
  • Training of SCM Professionals On-The-Job

Other topics of current interest will be developed further as companies indicate interest.

SCM council members

The SCM Program Office will work toward planning sessions that address these topics at the annual SCM Council Meeting. Below is a list of member firms that form the SCM Council and actively support both the program and the students through financial support and other forms of assistance including internships, cooperatives and full-time employment.